Have a look at our amazing Lundeedoodle parents.

Born Fri Sep 08 2023

Meia for short. Meia is an Intense red Medium Goldendoodle. Meia is Rowans Daughter from her first litter. Meia will grow to be 36lbs-40lbs. She is a spitting image of her mama when she was this age. A lot of Puppy energy and a wackadoodle tail! We are excited to see her grow and hopefully be a Lundeedoodle mama in 2025.

Born Tue Jan 02 2024

River is a mini multi gen Merle golden doodle. River comes to us all the way from Utah. River is our little Ewok! River is spunky, loving, playful and above all else, adventurous. nothing scares this little girl! River will be 25lbs full grown. River resides in a wonderful guardian home 8 miles from our home where she is spoiling beyond belief and the only pet in the home! so she gets ALL the attention! We look forward to her potentially being a Lundeedoodle mama in 2025!

Born Thu Mar 11 2021

Lola is a Merle F1b Goldendoodle Size: Standard Weight: 54lbs Lola Produces Merle, Phantom Merle, Cryptic Merle, Black, Phantom, Cream, Red and Apricot coats. Temperament: Velcro dog. Loves to be with her humans. wont run off. protective but does not have a mean bone in her body.

Kennedy (Retired)
Born Wed Jan 06 2016

Kennedy is one amazing dood!! Talk about being popular at the dog park! Kennedy is loved not just by every canine but also by so many people he meets everyday. They always ask where he is from and how can they get one just like him! Kennedy is extremely smart, energetic and loves his fathers Cameron and Noe, his son, Theo and brother, Nico, the hairless cat! Kennedy is one of a kind!

Born Sat Jun 05 2021

Duke is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle Stud from Massey Doodles Size: Mini Weight: 30lbs Temperament: Independent, adventurous, cuddle bug, confident.

Sire Rowan (Retired)
Born Mon Mar 01 2021

Sire Rowan is a F1b Party Goldendoodle Size: Medium Weight: 45lbs Sire Rowan is a stud for Kindred Oak Golden Doodles

Born Fri Jun 11 2021

Rowan is a Curly red medium F2b Goldendoodle She is the daughter of Honey and Kennedy Size: Medium Weight: 45lbs Rowan produces Intense red, red, apricot and cream coats. She also produces black and liver skin tones (liver meaning light eyes, and brown paws/nose). Temperament: energetic, independent, loves to cuddle. Major tail wager. that is how she got her nick name "whackadoodle".

Born Thu Jan 01 1970

Hawke is a Moyen Poodle Size: Medium Weight 30lbs Hawke is a Stud for Dandy Doodles

Honey (Retired)
Born Fri Sep 01 2017

What can I say, she is my soulmate! Honey is such an amazing creature. She is the most loving dog I have ever encountered. She is a huge cuddle bug when you want to cuddle and the best running partner when you are out on the trails unleashed. You would think she was put on this planet just for me. She is my everything. She loves all of her family members canine and human but I am her person.

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