About Us

Welcome to Lundeedoodles, where we are dedicated to breeding beautiful, perfect temperament Golden doodles while promoting ethical dog breeding and animal rescue.

Our founder and operator, Desiree' Lundgren, is a huge dog lover and has been surrounded by her 7 beloved fur babies, including Honey, Rowan and Lola her precious Golden doodles, along with her 4 additional canine companions. After resigning from AT&T, she pursued her passion for Golden doodles and opening a pet boutique online. She is also committed to volunteering her time at the local animal shelter and promoting rescue, foster and adoption of all dog breeds.

At Lundeedoodles, we are proud to provide our families with happy and healthy puppies with excellent temperaments. We take great care to ensure that our breeding practices prioritize positive health and behavior, temperament testing, and early sensory introduction. We also provide early neurological stimulation to give our puppies the best possible start in life.

Our commitment to ethical breeding practices and animal rescue has allowed us to meet so many incredible families and to share in the lives of all our beautiful puppies. We take pride in our ability to supply unique handmade items to all of our new families, and we are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to our puppy parents to help them raise happy and healthy dogs.

Thank you for considering Lundeedoodles for your Golden doodle puppy needs. We look forward to being part of your journey in finding the perfect furry companion for your family.

Why a Lundeedoodle?

We take the hands on approach

It is our mission to deliver and raise each and every Lundee puppy as if we plan on them being part of our own pack. We smother them in kisses, praises, hugs and attention.

On a morning, afternoon, and evening basis, we are constantly ensuring good behavior by correcting bad behavior so they know what is expected of them, even though they have no idea what bad behavior is. It is our responsibility to teach them what right looks like. We establish daily routines that the puppies will become accustomed to and expect as their routine.

This of course takes a lot of patience and time but these lil fluffs of love are very smart and want to please. They learn quickly, but for those that take a little longer to adapt, we slow it down and take it one day at a time. We want to ensure that each and every puppy that leaves our home is ready and prepared to become part of yours.

Puppy Culture

We take pride in our puppy culture. We expose the pups to all walks of life, from different people, animals, sights and sounds. This will ensure their confidence and openness to all things.

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Temperament Testing

We perform temperament testing to ensure we are educated on what kind of puppy they are so we can teach them properly. More importantly, temperament testing will tell us which puppy will do best with each individual family, setting up the puppy and their future family for success.

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DNA Testing

DNA testing is performed on all of Lundeedoodle's breeding dogs through Embark to ensure the breeding sires & dams align with their proper percentage of Poodle and Golden Retriever heritage.

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Health Testing

Health Testing is performed through Wisdom Panel & Embark to ensure that every breeding dog in our program inherited zero copies of over 200 disease mutations.

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Coat and Furnishing Testing

Done upon request

Because F2b Goldendoodles are a cross of a F1 + F1b. They can inherit coat traits from both the poodle as well as the Golden Retriever. Due to so many of my families having the need for a doodle that is hypoallergenic, I supply these tests to ensure we get as close to hypoallergenic as possible.

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Before going home, all puppies will be microchipped and registered to Lundeedoodles. When your puppy has been spayed or neutered, we will transfer the registration to you.

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Lundeedoodles wants to ensure that your new family member is completely health covered for the first 30 days while transitioning into their new home and surroundings. We supply the following:

  • 30 days of coverage with no upfront payments

  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived

  • $250 deductible, 90% coverage and no payout limits

  • Coverage for new unexpected injuries or illnesses.

* Terms and conditions apply. See the policy at Trupanion.com/pet-insurance

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Deworming, Fecal Testing, and Age Appropriate Vaccinations

Even though breeding dams are dewormed, we always test the puppies fecal as soon as they are weened from their mama to insure they are clear. If they come back positive for any type of parasites or bacteria we treat appropriately then retest. All puppies have to have a clear fecal panel before leaving our home. All puppies will receive age appropriate vaccinations.

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